The Further Down We Slide, The More Momentum We Build

My daughter and I were recently reading about Kislev,┬áthe Hebrew month that is shaped by Chanukah, the holiday of miracles. We were moved by the following quote, “At the darkest time, there is light and there will be light.”

Upon reading that quote, my daughter looked at me and said, “You know, Mom, life is a series of hills and the further down we slide, the more momentum we have to climb the next one.”

Then she drew this:

2017-12-12 21.24.25

She is just ten years old.

Yet, her infinite wisdom never ceases to amaze me. Or inspire me.

From this moment forward, if I ever find myself falling, I will take satisfaction in the notion that I’m really just picking up speed for my next uphill climb.

2 blog posts down, 363 more to go.