Coronasizing – Frogger Style

Upon healing from a pulled muscle (thanks CBD), I went back to coronasizing.

Once again I took to the streets for a run. Well, actually it was more of a combination of a jog, walk, strut, sprinkled with a few Elaine style dance moves.

It was quite a challenging workout.

Not because of the lingering muscle strain, but because a newly released study had me frantically trying to avoid coming within 6 feet of other joggers.

I found myself constantly dodging joggers and looking for opportunities to cross busy roads. It can only best be described as a real-life game of Frogger.

This was one tough cross. I think I started at a level way too advanced for my Frogger skills.

So I pressed reset and went to level one.

Crap! No time to cross here at all. I snapped this picture while hiding in the bushes waiting for this guy to pass. I hope he didn’t see me taking his picture.

As always, my coronasizing became more interesting as my playlist and journey began to collide.

Here I am debating whether or not to cross right now.

And how tall! I’m like a freaken giant.

While I was admiring my shadow, this guy totally crept up behind me and then quickly surpassed me. In case the police are reading this, they should know he was totally within 6 feet of me.

Most notably, I don’t think I could have found a more perfect lyric.

There was more confusion at the end of the road. 

So I turned around and went home.



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