Coronasizing – Where Signs and Lyrics Collide

Yesterday’s “coronasizing” was so uplifting that I decided to do it again.

To keep it fresh, I chose a different path and opted for another playlist – where new signs and lyrics had a chance to collide.

What began as a somber journey, ended full of inspiration.

At first, I felt as though I was running to stand still,

on a road that was eerily quiet at times.

Some signs – like these next two – gave me pause.

In part, because they are stark reminders of all of the children currently being robbed of their childhood.

And partly because they force me to confront how quickly mine are growing.

But then I realized that even when the world stops, life still blossoms…

And souls still shine.

And children are still filled with optimism.

Sometimes you need to dance just to hold on.

And sometimes all you need is a little faith.


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