Coronasizing – Forrest Gump Style

This morning I woke up, I planked, I did 50 situps, and then checked my stress level.

I was shocked to find that I am far more stressed these days than I was when I was embroiled in a lengthy and life-consuming lawsuit.

So I decided to go for a run. But not just any run.

I decided to go for a liberating old skool Forrest Gump run.

I put on Jackson Browne.

And. I. just. started. running.


I wore my Sagaponack hat in honor of the Hampton locals whose groceries are being raided by entitled stockpilers.


I found a lot of interesting items along the way.

Like vision.


And concern about my welfare.


And even words of support!


I tried to run under the speed limit.

34 MPH! #ifyousayso

….as well as obey other rules of the road.

I felt grateful for having choices.


I followed the signs and just kept on running.

Till I finally found my way back home.


Even my shadow was proud.

It’s been a few weeks since my watch praised me.


Till tomorrow.