Food Shopping During Coronageddon

This morning I awoke to my husband informing me that people were reporting online that my frequented Whole Foods is being cleaned out.

Knowing that my eating habits are more unique than others, I wasn’t totally concerned that my “go to” items would be gone. Plus, I was just there yesterday.

Nonetheless, I decided to risk leaving my perfectly “socially distanced” cocoon to rush back over to assess the situation.

What I observed was purty, purty, purty interesting.

I decided to take pictures.

People are so desperate for paper towels and toilet paper that they would pay quadruple the price at Whole Foods.
People can’t live without pizza – well except 365 thin Crust Supreme. Apparently, people would rather starve to death in quarantine that eat that pizza.
People would rather eat than get drunk. I don’t know any of these people.
I never saw anyone fill up a Whole Foods cart before. She must think she’s in Cosco.