Coronasizing – Where Signs and Lyrics Collide

Yesterday’s “coronasizing” was so uplifting that I decided to do it again.

To keep it fresh, I chose a different path and opted for another playlist – where new signs and lyrics had a chance to collide.

What began as a somber journey, ended full of inspiration.

At first, I felt as though I was running to stand still,

on a road that was eerily quiet at times.

Some signs – like these next two – gave me pause.

In part, because they are stark reminders of all of the children currently being robbed of their childhood.

And partly because they force me to confront how quickly mine are growing.

But then I realized that even when the world stops, life still blossoms…

And souls still shine.

And children are still filled with optimism.

Sometimes you need to dance just to hold on.

And sometimes all you need is a little faith.


Coronasizing – Forrest Gump Style

This morning I woke up, I planked, I did 50 situps, and then checked my stress level.

I was shocked to find that I am far more stressed these days than I was when I was embroiled in a lengthy and life-consuming lawsuit.

So I decided to go for a run. But not just any run.

I decided to go for a liberating old skool Forrest Gump run.

I put on Jackson Browne.

And. I. just. started. running.


I wore my Sagaponack hat in honor of the Hampton locals whose groceries are being raided by entitled stockpilers.


I found a lot of interesting items along the way.

Like vision.


And concern about my welfare.


And even words of support!


I tried to run under the speed limit.

34 MPH! #ifyousayso

….as well as obey other rules of the road.

I felt grateful for having choices.


I followed the signs and just kept on running.

Till I finally found my way back home.


Even my shadow was proud.

It’s been a few weeks since my watch praised me.


Till tomorrow.


More Food Shopping During Coronageddon

I decided to brave Whole Foods again today – partly to do an updated inventory check, but mostly because I think it’s fascinating to observe the items that people hoard in times of crisis.

Fortunately, I came prepared.
Some people come prepared and styling.
While they may be good for the heart, who wants to be quarantined with bean eaters?
At least European Showers have not gone out of favor.
Looks like brownie ingredients are still on the shelves.
To plant or not to plant? I guess that the $100,000 question is what will come first: a vaccine or a carrot?

Food Shopping During Coronageddon

This morning I awoke to my husband informing me that people were reporting online that my frequented Whole Foods is being cleaned out.

Knowing that my eating habits are more unique than others, I wasn’t totally concerned that my “go to” items would be gone. Plus, I was just there yesterday.

Nonetheless, I decided to risk leaving my perfectly “socially distanced” cocoon to rush back over to assess the situation.

What I observed was purty, purty, purty interesting.

I decided to take pictures.

People are so desperate for paper towels and toilet paper that they would pay quadruple the price at Whole Foods.
People can’t live without pizza – well except 365 thin Crust Supreme. Apparently, people would rather starve to death in quarantine that eat that pizza.
People would rather eat than get drunk. I don’t know any of these people.
I never saw anyone fill up a Whole Foods cart before. She must think she’s in Cosco.