Lessons From Dr. Evil

There is nothing worse than immoral people pretending to be righteous.

Just be who you are.

If you are evil, own it.

Flaunt it, even.

Just stop hiding it.

It is for this reason that it is easier to respect Dr. Evil than most politicians.

Dr. Evil doesn’t pretend to be a good guy.

He doesn’t hold himself out there as a saviour of mankind while he’s lining his pockets.

No. He’s an honest crook. When he says that he is going to hold the world hostage for one million dollars, you know what he does?

He holds the world hostage for one million dollars.

He parades his evil on his sleeve.

Hell, it’s his damn name.

I think that the world be a better place if everyone bore their true colors in their name.

Imagine all of the time and aggravation that would be saved by not investing with Mr. Fraudster; hiring Ms. Kleptomaniac; obtaining legal advice from Counsel Unscrupulous; or seeking medical treatment from Dr. Malpractice.

Just imagine.


Mrs. Albright



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