Toss the Notes

You know that kid who kept the training wheels on her bicycle for a bit too long?

That was me.

Although I could ride without them and even though they slowed me down, I liked knowing they were there.

Decades later, not much had changed.

I still have a hard time letting go of safety nets.

I gave four presentations in the last two weeks.

Like always, I showed up with my notes in tow.

Although I can present without them, and even though they can be somewhat distracting, I like knowing that my notes are there.

Unfortunately, knowing that they’re there only forces me to rely on them even more.

All was upended two weeks ago when a projector connection setting prevented me from using power point in presentation mode – where all my notes were held.

I had no choice but to ride without the training wheels.

So I did.

Because I wasn’t able to lean on my crutches notes, I had to rely on my knowledge.

So, instead of pretending not to be reading presenting, I simply spoke.

It was so much more personable.

And engaging.

And, personally, quite liberating.

The experience made me realize how foolish I’d been depending on something I never really needed in the first place.

So I tossed my notes – for good.

In fact, I discarded all crutches, training wheels and security blankets.

Better to fail with responsibility than sail with dependency.


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