Blog Withdrawal

It’s official.

I have blogging withdrawal.

All it took was a few weeks of not blogging to realize just how much I miss it.

Yes, I miss this stupid, obnoxious, laborious blog.

I truly do.

Experiencing the world through the lens of a blogger is not something you can simply undo.

I am forever seeing blog material wherever I go.

And I can’t shut it off.

Creativity is not a light switch.

Now that I can’t stop seeing it, it pains me not to be recording it.

It’s like squandering a gift.

It’s like having superman strength with no one to save.

Or ex-ray vision with nothing worth looking at.

Or pockets of cash and nothing to buy.

Or oceans of time and no one to spend it with.

I think you get the picture.

I miss the writing.

Even the bad writing.

Much more than I ever would have thought.

So I figured I would pop in from time to time with a rant.

Like this one.

Cause, like a fish needs water, a writer’s gotta write.


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