Lesson Number Two: Just Pull Over

As I relayed yesterday, ideas are everywhere.

But for some reason, the best ones always surface when I’m least able to capture and retain them.

This is because the best ones always seem to show up when I’m driving around, listening to music and least able to write them down.

I don’t know why that is.

Maybe it’s the motion. Maybe it’s the music. Or maybe it’s just the universe’s sick sense of humor.

Whatever the reason, everyone knows what happens to unseized thoughts.

They disappear.

Sometimes forever.

This brings me to Blogging Lesson Number Two: when the inspiration hits, just pull over and write.

345 blog posts down – only 20 left to go…

Lesson Number One – Ideas Defy the Scarcity Principle

Today marks my 344th blog post – in a row.

With a mere 21 posts left to go until I fulfill my 2018 new year’s resolution, I am realizing just how much this dreadful, laborious, obnoxious, magnificent blog has taught me.

About life.

About people.

About myself.

Today, I feel compelled to write about what I’ve discovered throughout this incredible undertaking little experiment.

Given time restraints, I’ve decided to stretch out my lessons across multiple posts instead of laying them out all in one.

This way I don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for topics to write about in these final few weeks.

Despite the fact that I find myself surrounded by ideas on a daily basis, uncovering something worth writing – for me – remains the most challenging part about blogging.

This brings me to lesson number one:

Ideas defy the scarcity principle which says that the scarcer the commodity and the greater the demand, the more valuable it becomes.

Ideas are the only commodity whose value is not limited by the discovery of more.

That’s what makes them so special.

And so worth mining for.

344 blog posts down – only 21 left to go…

Choose Winning

Some people fight purely to win.

Others fight to destroy.

The ones who fight to win most often do.

The ones who fight to destroy usually end up decimated.

If you ever have to choose between fighting like an animal or winning like a champion, choose winning.

343 blog posts down – 22 left to go…

Follow the Facts

I often write about the economic benefits of crowdinvesting – of which there are many.

Crowds can be great for predicting trends.

However, they rarely have all the answers – even collectively.

Instead of following the crowd, we’re better off following the facts.

This applies to investing as well as in life.

While the crowd may help you ride a wave, facts will enable you to sail the entire ocean.

342 blog posts down – 23 left to go…

The Stoic

Facebook memories reminded me of something I penned on an airplane 3 years ago, nearly to the day:

The THINKER reflects
The POET dreams
The SOUL SEARCHER retraces
The TRAVELER grows
The PIONEER risks
The VISIONARY foresees
The EXPLORER finds
The HUNGRY chase
The SPIRITUAL believe
The HOPEFUL pray
The STRONG adapt
The WISE learn
The FREE dance
The CAGED pause
The GUILTY lie
The LIAR hides
The WEAK retreat
The SKEPTIC doubts
The MISTAKEN regrets
The ANGRY vent
All the while, the WRITER records. – 12/3/15

It just occurred to me that I had left out the STOIC.

So, in case anyone was wondering…

The STOIC simply overcomes.



341 blog posts down – 24 left to go…

Nuggets to Grasp

Every day offers nuggets to grasp.

My goal is to seize as many as I can before they slip away.

Yesterday, I grabbed two items that made me cry – one from sadness and one from joy.

I was visiting my Dad who has not been doing very well. As I was walking to his room, I couldn’t help but notice the bed of an elderly woman. It was perfectly made with 3 stuffed animals leaning against the pillow.

The sight of the stuffed animals brought me to tears.

I don’t know what moved me more: the thought of someone yearning for a simpler time or the thought of someone believing that she was living in one.

I wiped away my tears as I headed to my Dad’s room. He’s been smiling less and confusing things more. But, yesterday I cracked a joke which made him laugh. And in his smile, I caught a glimpse of the man I once knew. It made me happy to know that he’s still in there.

I left the same way I arrived – in tears.

Today, I’m just hoping to nab something that makes me laugh. Even a little bit.

340 blog posts down – only 25 more to go…


“In my failure to find answers,
I sometimes find reason.
In my attempts to understand reason,
I often discover purpose.” – 1/16/97

21 years ago that was enough.

Maybe it still is.

For as much as I may want answers, purpose is all I really need.

339 blog posts down – only 26 more to go…

Things that Make You Go Hmmm

Someone posted this picture on social media depicting the making of the world’s first camera.

Yes, this is a photograph – that could only have been taken by a camera – of the very first camera.

Hmmmm. Of course it is – NOT!

Anyone who makes up stories, should first make sure that their tales don’t defy logic.

Or can’t be refuted with evidence.

People are much more astute than some may wish to believe they are.

336 blog posts down – only 29 more to go…