Write Your Own Songs

I heard a great story on XM radio today told by Glenn Frey.

Early in his career, he went to see a live band with Bob Seger – one of Frey’s good friends and early influences.

Although they were both digging the music, Seger leaned over to Frey and said something along the lines of:

These guys are very talented, but this band isn’t going anywhere. To make it big, you can’t just sing covers; you have to write your own songs.

Anyone can sing along.

Some can even make a living at it.

But only a talented few can craft a song.

I think this philosophy applies to all industries – not just music.

If you want to be mediocre, emulate. But to be spectacular, you have to originate.

Dream your song.

And then write it.

355 blog posts down – a mere 10 left to go!

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