Lesson Number Six: There’s Nothing Wrong With Having Big Eyes

My mom used to tell me that I had eyes bigger than my stomach as she watched me fill my dinner plate.

I always took it as a compliment.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have big eyes and a small stomach?

Now that I’m older, not much has changed.

I’m still piling.

Only, instead of food, I’m piling work.

Lots and lots of work keeps getting piled onto a proverbial plate.

I can’t stop.

I can’t say no.

I don’t want to say no.

I like working.

I like doing.

It’s making me smarter.

It’s making me better.

This blog is a perfect example of extra work I decided to add onto an already monumental pile.

It should have caused a collapse.

But it didn’t.

Sometimes, things meant to spill can actually fulfill.

This blog was one of those times.

This brings me to blogging lesson number six: it’s perfectly okay to have big eyes.

354 blog posts down – only 11 left to go…

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