Bred in the Bone

Lately, my daughter has been coming to me for advice on boys.

I happen to have a lot of expertise in this area.

A lot.

One might even say that I know almost as much about boys as I do about digital finance.

However, when I was 11, I knew nothing about either.

Anyway, I can’t decide what makes me happier – that my pre-teen feels comfortable enough to discuss boy matters with me or that I am immature youthful enough for her to consider me a peer.

It doesn’t matter. The truth is, I’d much prefer talking to her about boys and crushes than to be nagging her about not eating enough organic kale, going to sleep earlier or turning off her iphone.

There is a time for parenting and, if we are lucky, there is a time for friendship.

My father and I are very different in so many ways. However, lately, I find myself trying to uncover our commonalities.

My father was never a disciplinarian. Growing up, he always acted much more like a friend than a parent.

He would usually find humor in things that would warrant a scolding from typical fathers.

Lately, I’m starting to catch myself doing a lot more laughing than reprimanding – just like my father.

It must be one of those things that’s bred in the bone.

351 blog posts down – only 14 left to go…

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