Dreams Never Have to Die

I thought I’d take a quick break from revealing the many lessons this blog has taught me in order to relay a very moving story I recently heard on XM radio shared by Graham Nash (of Crosby Stills Nash ilk).

Nash relayed a story about his mom who had always encouraged his musical ambitions.

Shortly before she died, he asked her why, unlike many parents, she had been so supportive of his musical ambitions. She explained to him that it was because he was living the life that she had always wanted for herself. This took Nash by surprise as he had no idea that his mother ever dreamed of becoming a famous musician.

A few months after she passed, Nash was playing Carnegie Hall, and he shared her story with the audience. In an effort to help fulfill her lifelong dream of being on stage, Nash sprinkled a few of his mother’s ashes over the stage as he said, “Mum, you finally made it to Carnegie.” In fact, his mom’s ashes is now scattered across a number of famous concert halls around the world.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my parents – especially my Dad who has not been doing well.

His lifelong dream was to go to Hollywood and make movies. But, like Nash’s mom, the universe had different plans for him.

A few months ago, I bought a new phone that came with a stylist. I thought my Dad would find the technology pretty cool so I handed him the stylist, along with my phone, and asked him to write something.


Of all things, he wrote, “make a good movie that lasts.”


You know what, Dad, maybe one day I will.

349 blog posts down – only 16 left to go…

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