Lesson Four – Openness is Fearlessness

When I started this daily blog on January 1, 2018, my main objective was to improve my writing skills.

I wanted more than to merely be a better writer, I wanted to be a fearless one.

In order to achieve that, I knew I’d have to bare my soul.

In public.

Although I could hardly be described as reserved, I was terrified.

I even began this blog password protected.

I slowly started leaking the pieces of me that I typically would have kept hidden.

Yet, no matter how much I would reveal, I still held back.

My very first post remained password protected.

Until today.

This brings me to lesson number four: openness is fearlessness.

So here I am.

Naked and imperfect.

Go ahead and judge.

347 blog posts down – only 18 left to go…

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