Lesson Number One – Ideas Defy the Scarcity Principle

Today marks my 344th blog post – in a row.

With a mere 21 posts left to go until I fulfill my 2018 new year’s resolution, I am realizing just how much this dreadful, laborious, obnoxious, magnificent blog has taught me.

About life.

About people.

About myself.

Today, I feel compelled to write about what I’ve discovered throughout this incredible undertaking little experiment.

Given time restraints, I’ve decided to stretch out my lessons across multiple posts instead of laying them out all in one.

This way I don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for topics to write about in these final few weeks.

Despite the fact that I find myself surrounded by ideas on a daily basis, uncovering something worth writing – for me – remains the most challenging part about blogging.

This brings me to lesson number one:

Ideas defy the scarcity principle which says that the scarcer the commodity and the greater the demand, the more valuable it becomes.

Ideas are the only commodity whose value is not limited by the discovery of more.

That’s what makes them so special.

And so worth mining for.

344 blog posts down – only 21 left to go…

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