Nuggets to Grasp

Every day offers nuggets to grasp.

My goal is to seize as many as I can before they slip away.

Yesterday, I grabbed two items that made me cry – one from sadness and one from joy.

I was visiting my Dad who has not been doing very well. As I was walking to his room, I couldn’t help but notice the bed of an elderly woman. It was perfectly made with 3 stuffed animals leaning against the pillow.

The sight of the stuffed animals brought me to tears.

I don’t know what moved me more: the thought of someone yearning for a simpler time or the thought of someone believing that she was living in one.

I wiped away my tears as I headed to my Dad’s room. He’s been smiling less and confusing things more. But, yesterday I cracked a joke which made him laugh. And in his smile, I caught a glimpse of the man I once knew. It made me happy to know that he’s still in there.

I left the same way I arrived – in tears.

Today, I’m just hoping to nab something that makes me laugh. Even a little bit.

340 blog posts down – only 25 more to go…

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