Always Changing, Rarely Noticing

I can barely capture a thought
or notice moments ticking by
I can’t feel the earth spinning
no matter how hard I try

Yet I feel like I’m changing
I think I might be changing

I don’t need to see the sun set
to know that night is here
I don’t need a morning ending
to know that afternoon is near

Yet I feel like I am changing
I really believe that I am changing

I don’t need the warmth
to feel winter’s end
and I don’t need to shiver
to know it’s back again

Yet somehow I can feel myself changing
Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m changing

I don’t need a chart
to show how much I’ve grown
Not even a silly poem
can teach what I’ve always known

that gradually I’ve changed
I know that I have changed… August 4, 2006

We’re always changing.

Yet rarely ever noticing.

Writing forces me to pay attention.

To focus on the things that really matter.

I never want to be so busy growing that I can’t find the time to assess the growth.

Maybe that’s why I do it.

Maybe that’s why others don’t.

285 blog posts down – 80 left to go…

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