Things We Share, Borrow & Own

I’ve been doing a lot of research on sharing economies for a report that I am working on.

The statistics are staggering. People are sharing more and more stuff – like car rides, office space, residences, hand bags, watches etc. The list goes on and on.

It got me thinking not only about the things we share, but about the things we borrow and the things we own.

And I’m not referring to the superficial stuff that money can buy or that people could steal.

I’m talking about the things that matter.

The things we take for granted.

Out of all of the things that we share, borrow and own, the most important are the items most presupposed.

Love is the most significant item that we share.

Time is the most critical item that we borrow.

And our actions are the most salient items we own.

While these things may not directly fuel the growth of sharing economies, they will endlessly nourish sharing societies – so long as we recognize their value.

263 blog posts down – 102 left to go…

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