Colors and Forgiveness

Today, during services, I was moved by the following passage:


It made me think of a poem I wrote many years ago seeking forgiveness for failing to recognize life’s less discernible treasures – like colors.

“Is it possible
to forgive me
for what I forget to notice
and at times fail to see?

like a Summer’s day
at the end of Fall
and a place for a window
in a concrete wall

like the red, blue and greens
in a black and white
and the wonder of earth
from a turbulent flight

like the taste of reality
in a most bizarre dream
and a whisper of meaning
in an undisclosed theme

like a sense of freedom
in a confined space
and the touch of youth
in an elderly face

like a hint of submission
in an untamed heart
and a blissful ending
to a rocky start

like a Summer’s day
in the beginning of Spring
and, yes, even a trace of love
in a meaningless fling…9/18/00”

I can’t think of a better day than today to post about colors and forgiveness.

262 blog posts down – 103 left to go…

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