The Night the Lights Went Out on Broadway

As was predicted by one Billy Joel decades earlier, on this day in 2003 the lights went out on Broadway. In fact, the electricity went out all across the northeast.

Here’s a pretty cool picture memorializing that evening…

I remember it like it was yesterday.

The city was in mayhem.

It was traumatizing.

Phones didn’t work.

Toilets wouldn’t flush.

And far too many unscrupulous taxi drivers were price gauging.

It cost me nearly $120 to go the bathroom.

I didn’t own a flashlight or even a candle.

All I had was a lighter and a collection of restaurant matchbooks.

The only food in my kitchen was a box of sweet & low.

But I survived.

And, went right on with the show.

226 blog posts down – 139 left to go…

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