Freezing Time

What if you were granted the power to freeze time – to simply stop the clock at the moment you felt that your life was perfect?

Things would never get worse.

However, they would never get better.

When I was a kid, I used to pretend that I had this special power.

But, no matter how perfect I felt my life was, I was never able to bring myself to stop the clock.

Nor did I ever regret not stopping the clock – even when things did not go as well as I had expected.

I discovered that while certain things may seem worse, there were so many more things that were better.

The future always seemed to have a way of unleashing a new perfect.

It made me realize that perfection is only relative to a moment.

Anytime I catch myself regretting a decision, I ask myself, “would you go back and freeze time if you could?”

The answer is always a resounding NO.

223 blog posts down – 142 left to go…

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