Distance Makes Matters Seem So Small

I must have driven through countless intersections during my lifetime.

While I always made sure to observe the color of the traffic light, I never paid notice to its size.

That is until the other day when I was stopped under a traffic light that was undergoing construction.

I was surprised to realize that a traffic light is nearly equivalent to the size of a grown man.

I thought that was remarkable considering that I had always assumed that traffic lights were – at best – the length of my finger tip to my elbow.

Because I had always viewed them from afar, I had spent my entire life completely underestimating the immensity of traffic lights.

I began to wonder about other things that may be misproprtioned.

Like worries. Or fears.

Maybe these things only feel bigger because they are so close.

Perhaps minimizing them is as simple as creating distance.

167 blog posts down – 198 left to go…

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