Honest People Plant Seeds

Yesterday, my daughter relayed a fable that I hadn’t heard before, but one that I felt needed some modification. So I took the liberty of “karma-lizing” it.

Anyway, it goes a little something like this:

Once upon a time, there was a handsome Prince who sought a Princess.

There were so many beautiful women to choose from that he was having a difficult time making a decision.

The Prince decided to hand each woman a seed, and the woman whose seed grew into the biggest flower would become his Princess.

To secure victory, instead of planting their seeds, all of the women – except for one – concluded that it would be wiser and easier to purchase monstrous flowers from the local florist.

While they were cheating sizing up flowers, the one lady who chose to plant her seed anxiously waited for a flower to bud.

She waited.

And waited.

And waited.

But, no flower ever bloomed.

Through her tears, she apologized to the Prince for the failure of her seed to sprout.

The rest of the women laughed as they each presented the Prince with one flower bigger than the next.

Once all of the flowers were presented, the Prince made his final decision.

He explained to the women that all of the seeds they were given were special seeds incapable of ever sprouting.

And so the only honest woman in the village became his Princess.

Fortunately for the Prince, in addition to having integrity, she was also very good in bed.


166 blog posts down – 199 left to go…

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