The Oh, You’re So Funny

When a friend of mine had no interest in dating a guy, but didn’t want to hurt his feelings with a rejection, she would act like his proposal wasn’t serious.

Upon being asked out, she would playfully reply, “oh, you’re so funny!”

It was an absolutely brilliant response. In fact, I wish I had thought of it.

Even my husband is enamored with the “oh, you’re so funny” retort.

Throughout our marriage, whenever either one of us doesn’t feel like doing something, we resort to the “oh, you’re so funny”.

It goes a little something like this:

“Honey, are you going to put the dishes in the dishwasher?”

“Oh, Honey, you’re so funny!”

“Honey, you’re gonna to fold the laundry, right?”

“Oh, Honey, you’re so funny!”

I could go on and on.

Anyway, after eating breakfast off of a paper plate and now facing five baskets full of unfolded laundry, I realize just how funny we both truly are.

164 blog posts down – 201 left to go…

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