The Highest Form of Ignorance

According to Albert Einstein, “Condemnation before investigation, is the highest form of ignorance.”

I disagree.

I believe that there are higher forms of ignorance.

Repeating the same exact mistakes over and over again is pretty high up on the ignorance scale.

There is nothing wrong with mistakes. On the contrary, mistakes make progress possible. However, mistakes – much like failures – are only beneficial when they are recognized. If we don’t see them, we can’t learn from them. And if we don’t learn from them, we’ll never move past them.

It’s pretty simple.

It doesn’t take being a genius to understand this.

But, it does take humility.

When one’s ego is so massive that it prevents him from realizing his mistakes, even the most intelligent reach the highest form of ignorance.

154 blog posts down – 211 more to go…

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