Life is an Endless Supply of Material

What’s with all of these movie remakes? Is Hollywood trying insult to the viewing audience?

I mean, Overboard? Really? There was absolutely no need for a remake of the movie, Overboard.

The original was as good as it gets. And, that is a fact. I should know, because I saw Overboard at least 800 times.

Remakes, and even many sequels for that matter, are nothing but cop-outs – used by those who want to make the most amount of money by exerting the least amount of effort.

It’s as if Hollywood has sold out exhausted every ounce of originality it ever had.

And that is really pathetic considering that novel ideas are lurking everywhere – and in abundance.

Law and Order understands this. That show has been around since like before TV was invented. It has staying power because it never runs out of material. It simply rips story lines from the headlines – albeit while exaggerating and spinning them. Fortunately for Law and Order – yet sadly for society – there is never a shortage of lunatics.

If Hollywood is having trouble finding its imagination, it needs to take a lesson from Law and Order. It should open its eyes and allow art to start imitating life once again.

What is life anyway but an endless supply of material?

146 blog posts down – 219 left to go…

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