Thick Lines

Yesterday I had an epiphany that life is an endless stream of fine lines – things that are much more alike than they seem.

I have now come to the realization that there are just as many “thick lines”, or items which we may view as similar but in reality could not be more diametrically opposed.

These include:

hearing and listening;

sharing and giving;

winning and prevailing;

working and laboring;

ambition and ruthlessness;

building and amassing;

egotism and self-love;

dancing and moving;

protecting and smothering;

glowing and shining;

waiting and having patience;

and, of course, growing and aging.

I could probably go on and on.

But, I won’t.

For the true enlightenment comes not in listing or measuring lines, but rather in drawing them.

139 blog posts down – only 226 remain…

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