Closing Windows

I once worked in the fashion industry for a wholesaler of scrunchies.

Yes, scrunchies.

I guess you could say that I am in part responsible for this:


I’m sorry.

Fortunately, I was let go before I could cause further damage to fashion trends.

Firing employees was an extremely stressful task for my boss.

When my turn came, he could barely get the words out.

He watered down the firing by assuring me that “When G-d closes a window, he opens a door.”

I was so moved by the quote that I interrupted him during the firing and exclaimed, “Great quote! Before you say anything else, let me grab a pen and paper so I can write that down!”

Then I thanked him for the beautiful words.

He seemed both surprised and relieved by my response.

But, I was truly grateful for his decision. I knew I was not destined for the scrunchie business. Plus, the Rachel haircut would soon extinct scrunchies anyway.

That was the day I learned to treasure closing windows.

113 blog posts down – 252 left to go…

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