Phoning It In

I try to work out nearly every day. Sometimes I’m really into it. Other times, I wish I was doing anything else.

On those days I don’t exert myself very much. Although I am constantly being warned not to “phone my workout in”, I convince myself that a lame workout is better than no workout at all.

I’m sure most trainers would disagree.

But really, what is so terrible about phoning it in every now and again?

I once read that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone precisely for the purpose of phoning things in. I believe he was quoted as saying something along the lines of:

I bestow this here invention on the planet to give its inhabitants an ability to communicate with one another, from great distances, for two reasons. First is so that we do not have to subject ourselves to germs and odors from those who fail to bathe. And, second is so that we have the luxury of rotarying things in when we are exhausted or preoccupied.

Okay, so maybe those weren’t Bell’s “exact” words when he conceived of the telephone.

This brings me to my point of today’s blog post. I am in the process of writing a research report detailing a solution to America’s looming retirement crisis. I believe it is the most important piece I’ve ever written and, as such, it requires my undivided concentration. Quite frankly, this blog, this dreadful, laborious, obnoxious, magnificent blog is a pretty big distraction right now.

While I’m not about to renege on my self-commitment to completing 365 blog posts by December 31, 2018, due to time constraints, I am regrettably going to have to phone a few of these posts in.

Like I said, phoning it in is better than quitting.

But, I think Alexander Graham Bell would understand. He is also known for having once said, “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

Those words he actually uttered.

The fact is, some tasks can be phoned in and some just can’t.

108 blog posts down – 257 left to go…

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