Vanity Plates and Lasting Impressions

Some think that people with vanity plates are assholes.

Not me. I think it’s all about the messaging.

To me, vanity plates are a lot like Twitter. Both provide a limited number of characters to tell the world who you are and what you stand for.

In a sense vanity plates are nothing more than a pinned tweet rolling across life’s highways.

Some plates are so cryptic, I really have no idea what they are trying to say.

Others say way too much.

vanity ass

I have witnessed two vanity plate sightings that I will never forget.

One was on an electric blue Trans Am that I saw speeding on the Long Island Expressway in 1993 with the license plate that read: NANA1.

Mind you, there is a slim chance that it may have been a white Honda. However, when I make my movie, I promise it will be an electric blue Trans Am.

Another was a Porsche 911 convertible with a license plate that read: 1TRADE. I spotted this one just as I was just starting my career on Wall Street.

Each was inspiring in its own way.

I guess that the moral of this blog post is: If you want to leave a lasting impression – whether in a tweet or on a plate – just make sure it’s not one of being an asshole.

107 blog posts down – 258 left to go…

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