Do It For The Challenge

Too many people these days are driven purely by money and ego.

That said, I really couldn’t tell you what they love more: the dollar or themselves?

Those who can’t get passed their own greed and vanity are not only contributing to the downfall of society, they are a detriment to themselves.

It’s too bad that they can’t recognize it.

By overestimating their own self-importance, they miss out on the thrill of the challenge and the fulfillment in overcoming it.

It’s the challenge that yields the greatest personal rewards.


Case in point: When I was a student, I liked to receive A’s. Who didn’t? But the A’s that I worked harder for – that I had to struggle to achieve – meant much more to me than the A’s that came easily.

In the same way, the compensation that one labors for holds much more worth than any monies received from scratching a ticket.

Never underestimate the value of the challenge.

105 blog posts down – 260 left to go…


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