The Fine Line Between Enough & Complacency

Someone once told me, many years ago, that better is the enemy of good enough.

I struggled with this notion for a very long time.

As a writer, who has never once published an initial draft, I couldn’t understand how “good enough” could possibly suffice. As a perfectionist, many final drafts barely even passed muster.

I don’t believe in adequacy. I believe in excellence.

To me, complacency has always been the enemy of improvement.

It took me a very long time to fully grasp the repercussions of better.

Better means never pressing the send button. It means stagnation. It means never finding satisfaction. It means incompletion.

In reality, perfectionism is anything but perfect.

Today, an article by an ever-inspiring industry colleague reminded me that there is a fine line between enough and complacency, and that it is up to the individual to figure out where that line is.

For me, that line lies on a now desolate sandy beach. For, it was on this shore of better where I once sat watching ships sail.

102 blog posts down – 263 more to go…

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