Moving On

Start threading the needle
Brush past the shuttle that slides through the cold room
Start turning the wool across the wire
Roll the new life over
In the middle of the night there’s an old man
Threading his toes through a bucket of rain
Hey, mister, if you want to walk on water
‘Cause you’re only going to walk all over me
Somewhere in middle America
Get right to the heart of matters
It’s the heart that matters more
I think you’d better turn your ticket in
And get your money back at the door – Counting Crows

The first lesson I learned on Wall Street was to weather the storms. The second was to embrace innovation. And the third was to never, ever marry a stock.

I guess investing is a lot like life.  Being fruitful requires the tenacity to hang on, the imagination to dream on, and the wisdom to move on.

Sometimes we endure.

Sometimes we aspire.

And sometimes we just need to know when it’s time to turn that ticket in and get our money back at the door.

99 blog posts down – 266 left to go…

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