A Dimming Yesterday Makes for a Clearer Tomorrow

“Little boy says to me
where you goin’ now son
I said, I don’t know where I’m goin’ boy
I only know where I’m from
And it makes me wonder” – Hootie

When I was 25 and constantly questioning where I was going, these lyrics really resonated. It’s hard to doubt where you’ve been when you are standing in the exact place where you are from.

Now that I’m older, the lyrics seem incongruous.

As the past grows more distant, the fainter it becomes. And clarity emerges as the future nears.

Sometimes I feel so far from where I’ve been that not even all of the breadcrumbs in the universe can help guide my way back.

But, as yesterday dims, tomorrow becomes that much more visible.

I can make out a path up ahead. I think I’ll take it.

98 blog posts down – 267 left to go…

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