Not My Decision

I don’t want to have to make choices for someone else. I have a hard enough time making decisions for myself.

In fact, I’d never make any decisions at all if I didn’t find comfort in believing that all of my choices are in someways preordained, and that each and every decision delivers something of value – even if when it turns out to be nothing but a lesson.

I can live with lessons because I view them them as stepping stones – even silver linings.

But deciding for someone else is not that simple – especially when that person’s view of the world is quite contrary to your own.

What do you do then?

Do you make a decision based on another’s philosophies or your own?

What if you are forced to decide for someone who lived a life hiding from decisions?

Is it fair for that person to be forced to confront a lesson based on a choice he never made?

I don’t have the answers. I doubt I ever will.

I’m too scared to make a decision – and just as scared not to.

91 blog posts down – 274 more to go…

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