The Things that Keep Us Safe

I write about modern finance. Highlighting injustices in the investment world has been a central theme in my work.

I’ve often pointed out the fact that many securities regulations, which were meant to protect investors, have done nothing but harm them by curtailing their opportunities to prosper.

While I don’t fault legislators for introducing well-intentioned bills, I must question the rationality in man-made laws that utterly defy those of human nature.

According to natural law, that which keeps us safe also keeps us from experiencing life.

We are surrounded by risk. It’s everywhere we’ve been and everywhere we’ll go. It’s in every decision we make. It’s in every invention that took man from the cave to the sky. It’s in the food we eat, the words we speak and in the air we breathe.

Risk is inescapable.

It is part of us.

Risk is not just the difference between winning and losing. It is the difference between living and existing. Between evolving and aging. And between love and companionship.

There are repercussions to eliminating risk from the environment – just like there are grave consequences to regulating the risk out of investing.

I have lived my entire life in fear of the unknown. Sometimes I make decisions based on that fear – other times, in spite of it. Perhaps this is why I am so vocal about an individual’s inalienable right to take risk.

If I have learned one thing, it is that the greatest risk of all lies in failing to let go of the things that keep us safe.

90 blog posts down – 275 more to go…

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