So Much To Do and So Little Time – Don’t Reverse It

When you’re a kid, life is like an everlasting gobstopper.

The minute hand knows no bounds. Days are filled with so many hours, yet very few tasks to fulfill. Even play time can grow boring after a while.

At 25, you feel invincible – as if you have oceans of time and the strength to swim forever. While more has been added to your “to do” list, you feel like you have eons to accomplish it all. Wasting time is a guiltless pleasure.

When you are 35, the list rapidly expands. Suddenly, the things you want to do start dwarfing the things you need to do. You can now hear the ticking of the clock. That vast ocean feels more like a river quickly leading into a pond.

By the time you reach 45, you realize that the everlasting gobstopper is nothing but a scheme concocted by an eccentric candy maker. You wonder how you were ever naive enough to believe in forever.

It is impossible to recognize the value of something that you perceive as limitless.

Ironically, it takes time to grasp just how precious time truly is. And that is precisely the moment when you realize all that needs to be done.

This brings me to Wonka Lesson #2:

There is so much to do and so little time. Don’t reverse it.

82 blog posts down – 283 more to go…

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