Advice for Storm Creators

This morning I came across a great quote by an unknown author:

“Some people create their own storms, then get upset when it rains.”

This quote characterizes so many different types of people.

There is the Firestarter. I’m sure you’ve met a Firestarter. A Firestarter is a pyromaniac who is obsessed with setting fires, but who can’t take the heat from the blaze.

Firestarters are a lot like bullies in that way. Although they are relentless intimidators, bullies cower with fear as soon as they are stood up to.

I despise bullies. But I do enjoy a good bully movie – particularly those scenes where the underdog defeats the bully. I’m pretty sure that the rewind button was invented precisely for such scenes.

No matter whether you’re a firestarter, a bully, or just a plain old troublemaker, perhaps you should think twice before starting a storm if you can’t dance in the rain.

80 blog posts down – 285 more to go…

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