Age is Privilege

Today’s post is inspired by my Mom – and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Although I will not disclose her age, let’s just say that I am pretty sure that she is older than me.

Anyway, my allegedly older and definitely much wiser Mother, informed me today that when you reach a certain age, you have earned the right to say whatever the hell you want.

I had my suspicions that this might be the case. I mean, I learned years ago from a Seinfeld episode that our elders are licensed to steal batteries; so unfettered, unfiltered speech only seems logical.

With age comes privilege. And the higher the birthday, the less one cares about what other people think. See chart below.

care age

The truth is, it really doesn’t matter what is said by anyone at any age. It’s one’s actions that count the most, for what people do speaks so loud that no one could hear what they are saying, anyway.

77 blog posts down – 288 left to go…

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