Stronger in the Broken Places

I used to stress out every time my kids caught a virus – until I learned that these illnesses were helping to strengthen their immune systems.

We are stronger in the places we’ve been broken.

I’ve often envied those who could let themselves fall in love so easily. I really never understood how one could give their heart so fearlessly – time and time again. Then I realized that their hearts had been strengthened by many, many breaks.

Indeed, we are all stronger in the places we’ve been broken.

Life’s setbacks can feel like a punch in the gut. But each hit reinforces one’s resolve.

Pain breeds strength, and strength is a necessary component to the healing process. When you think about it, strength is both the medicine and the cure.

That is why our mended parts are so often our most resilient.

73 blog posts down – 292 more to go…

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