Living Will Age You

Some people fear despise aging.

As if it’s a bad thing.

Meanwhile, one would think that growing older is much better than the alternative.

But, vanity is a powerful emotion. Almost as mighty as greed.

Narcissism keeps people lying about their age. Some are so obsessed with age that they forge their birthdays on government issued IDs. Yes, they would rather commit a crime than admit their true age.

I don’t get it.

Age is just a number. And typically the higher the number the greater accumulation of wisdom.

I truly love aging. Every birthday has gifted me with increasing confidence. Each strand of grey hair contains amassed knowledge and pride. And every wrinkle holds a lifetime of laughter.

There is nothing wrong with getting old. Now, getting fat, that’s another story.

71 blog posts down – 294 more to go…

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