The Great Pendulum Shifts

Within each of the universe’s infinite circles sits an oscillating pendulum – swaying back and forth at 180 degree intervals.

Much like the political pendulum that swings left and right, left and right, left and right, life’s pendulums rarely strike a balance.

Instead, they often fluctuate from one extreme to another – sometimes swinging in your favor. Sometimes not.

Some pendulums move quite fast.

Although the fluctuation can be quite dizzying, the quicker the oscillation, the less of an impact they make.

However, some pendulum shifts are so colossal that the weight can remain on one side of the periphery for years – if not decades or more.

These slow, methodically moving pendulums possess the power to bring seachanges.

But, whatever the speed and no matter the direction, it is the movement, itself, that makes life exhilarating.

If the pendulum never swung, life would be colorless and boring. And broadcast news ratings would be miniscule.

There isn’t much excitement in the middle. The center lacks controversy and zeal.

Polarization incites debate and fuels passion.

The ends are where all of the action happens, and where the most meaningful change occurs.

Maybe there is something to be said for living on the edge.

70 blog posts down – 295 more to go…

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