Into the Future Once Again

Tonight I’ll be going into the future. Precisely one hour into the future.

Yup, I’ll be springing forward once again.

Daylight savings or not, for years now, I’ve been visiting the future. It is the soul vacation that I refer to as my reassurance zone.

When I was single, I was terrified of never finding a guy I enjoyed being with more than I liked being alone my soulmate.

I spent many sleepless nights wishing for the chance to get a glimpse into my future. I figured if I could just see my future-self as being happily married with kids, I’d be able to stop worrying about finding a soulmate and instead take more pleasure in the search.

I can’t say I wasn’t having fun in those carefree single years. I was actually having a blast. I wasn’t even looking for my future to begin immediately. Instead, I was simply seeking comfort in knowing that everything would ultimately turn out just fine.

Since I didn’t have an actual time machine, all I could do was envision the outcome I wanted. Hope for it. And then believe in it.

The more I believed in the future I yearned for, the more I strove to make it a reality. And the less stressful and more enjoyable the present became.

Even today, when life throws me a curveball, I spring forward just to sneak a peek of what the future holds.

The moment I detect that everything will be ok, I stop stressing and start living.

69 blog posts down – 296 more to go…

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