We are Each the Hero of Our Own Flick

Lights. Camera. Action.

This is your movie. Even if you can’t act, you were born to be the star.

You have a supporting cast of about 7.5 billion.

You won’t ever share a scene with most of them.

Those who get the highest billing are the most integral to the plot. They are the ones who will be there with you when the closing credits roll.

Some were written in to provide comic relief.

And there are the antagonists. Be grateful for them. You can’t get to the next turning point without them.

Many are just extras. Don’t let them drag you down. They don’t even have sag cards.

While subordinate characters will come and go, the sets will be ever-changing, and new subplots will constantly be introduced, you will always remain the hero of your own flick.

Never forget that.

And don’t be afraid to leave some characters on the cutting room floor.

Oh, and never, ever let anyone steal your Oscar or take credit for your award.

67 blog posts down – 298 more to go…

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