The Universe is Nothing But Circles

It has been said, time and time, again that what comes around goes around.

This is not just an adage. It is the law of the universe.

Everything that leaves, eventually returns – in one form or another.








You name it. Everything in existence travels in circles.

Well, everything – except time and numbers.

Time, as far as we know, only goes in one direction – forward. It never curves. And it never reverses.

Or does it?

Numbers, too, are linear. They either ascend or descend – all the way to infinity.

Numbers never end, nor do they ever bend.

Or do they?

When my son was about 7 years old, he came up with a hypothesis for time travel. While it’s not the flux capacitor, his theory may have some legs.

“Perhaps numbers don’t rise and fall to infinity. Maybe, there is an eventual point where negative and positive numbers meet – like at the top of a circle. And, it’s at that precise convergence where time travel is possible,” he proffers.

Hmmmmm. That’s a lot to digest, and ultimately, expel (because, you know, what goes in, must come out).

If he is correct then I stand by my original statement that the “Universe is Nothing But circles“.

If he is wrong, well, then I’ll simply change the title of this blog post to “What Comes Around Goes Around“.

66 blog posts down – 299 more to go. I made it to the the 2’s…

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