Don’t Disrespect the Doodle

For as far back as I can remember, I have been doodling.

Doodling helps me think. I also find doodling very soothing – kinda like my grandma’s chicken soup.

I doodled my way through school. Doodling enabled me to concentrate better in class. Doodling proved to be a great study aid and memory tool. I aced many exams thanks to doodling.

I doodled everywhere. When I had run out of paper, I’d even doodle in my college roommates’ notebooks.

I continued doodling when I entered the workforce. I’d doodle while prospecting, selling, trading or writing. It didn’t matter. As long as there was a pen in my hand and paper nearby, I was doodling.

I am at my most productive when I’m doodling. Some of my best ideas and deepest thoughts can be found lurking within doodles.

Ironically, I once got fired from a job for doodling. My boss apparently mistook my doodles for boredom. Some people are just incapable of grasping the essence of a doodle. His company ended up folding.

Doodles are not merely ink and lines. They are intricate patterns of thoughts and concepts. Doodles store visions.

A few years later, another co-worker, offered to buy my doodles and place them in a gallery.

They were not for sale.

If there is a point to today’s blog post, it would be this: “Never make the mistake of disrespecting or misunderstanding the doodle, for its abstract pattern just might hold the next world-changing idea.”

Or it might just be writer’s block.

63 blog posts down – 302 more to go…

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