Choices, Choices, Choices

Life is an endless smorgasbord of choices.

Every second of every minute of every day we are faced with the daunting task of forming – and forever, thereafter, owning – a decision.

While some choices may be more pivotal than others, all our choices – from whether to have the sole or the filet to whether to pursue a career in finance or in law – shape us.

They define us.

Sometimes they chain us.

Or, that is what I once so thought.

Choosing” used to intimidate me. It wasn’t the option, itself, that scared me, it was the process of accepting one thing over another.

So, out of fear of regret, I chose nothing.

Until the day I realized that doing nothing was even more fettering than choosing something – anything.

The pendulum began to swing. While no longer bound, I found myself making decisions less methodically.

Some of those decisions were met with immediate gratification. Others resulted in unforeseen challenges.

But not one choice contains even an inkling of regret. Not one.

That is because I now know that all of my decisions are still unfolding – collectively.

And they are all malleable.

Once I stopped looking at each choice as a separate and finite event and start viewing all of my decisioning as an evolutionary process, I concluded that choices aren’t terrifying after all. They are welcoming.


59 blog posts down – 306 more to go…

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