To Avoid Criticism: Do Nothing. Say Nothing. Be Nothing.

Some people are very outspoken. Critiquing seems to be their forte – regardless of whether or not they have knowledge on the subject.

Then there are those, like me, who are the complete opposite.

I was always considered to be more of the “inspoken” type. I kept my words to myself. To me, hurting someone feelings wasn’t worth giving even an honest, yet instructive, opinion.

Even when it came to defending myself, I often kept silent.

Being non-confrontational and seemingly agreeable makes one very likeable. Perhaps even lovable.

But, I realized it also makes one very “walkalloverable”.

So I slowly started letting words leak out.

Some escaped in order to defend myself. The “walkerallovers” did not like it very much. Neither did the opinionated.

I lost some friends and gained some battles.

Other words found their way into industry articles about financial injustice.

While those words earned some accolades, they also invited criticism.

Some say, “with age comes wisdom.” In my experience, with age comes confidence.

Today, I’d rather be judged than remain silent and fight instead of surrender.

And I’d take shouldering all of the criticism in the universe over doing nothing, saying nothing and being nothing.

55 blog posts down – 310 more to go…

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