Filling Big Shoes

In every aspect of my life, my objective is to be a little better than the day before.

Except when it comes to motherhood. This is one area where I apply a different yardstick – my own mom.

My mom is the most caring and selfless mom ever to walk the earth. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her children. She would give the shirt off her back on a 10 degree day and walk around shirtless if it meant her child having an extra layer of clothing beneath a winter coat.

When it comes to motherhood, I would be satisfied if I one day amounted to half of the mom and just one quarter of the person that she is. And every day I strive to get one step closer to this lofty goal.

This morning my 10 year old daughter attempted to go to school in sneakers which were drenched from yesterday’s thunder showers. While driving her to school, without hesitation, I gave her the shoes off my feet. Surprisingly, they were a perfect fit.

As I drove back home, barefoot, it struck me that at 40-something I am still trying to fill my mom’s shoes, while my daughter, at just 10, has already filled mine.

39 posts down – 326 more to go…


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